Datin Seri Natasha Nadrah binti Dato' Haji Azman Shah

Non-Independent Executive Director

Datin Seri Natasha Nadrah started her career as a Director for a reputable Housing Development and Construction company in Dakar, Senegal in West Africa.

Apart from this, she was also based in the Republic of Ghana and Albania from the year 2005 until 2008, where she was committed to the project development of Integrated Factories and Industrial Park in that region.

She was based in the Africa, Middle East and Europe where she acquired a greater understanding of International Business Relation and Banking industry.

Datin Seri Natasha Nadrah graduated with a Bachelor Degree from KDU College Penang in 2004 and obtained a Degree in Mass Communication.

She joined ERWAN Berhad as Director from January 2011 and promoted to Executive Director in 2020. In ERWAN, she completed a rotational placement within the organisation where she learned the operations and achieved a greater understanding of the Engineering, Mining and Healthcare industries.

She is currently a Board Member of EPE Power Corporation Berhad and also sits as a Chairman of the subsidiary companies of ERWAN Berhad and various local and foreign Private Limited Companies.

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